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The Corporate Service is not just for your coworkers but can serve to relax and impress your clients as well. The team at Miki's Flowers currently delivers weekly bouquets to a variety of businesses such as: doctors, dentists, chiropractors, hair salons, real estate agents, automotive centers, travel agencies, retail stores, restaurants, ad agencies, recording studios and more.

Each week, Miki's Flowers designs and delivers a new floral bouquet with the freshest flowers for a very reasonable price.

The team discards the prior week's bouquets, cleans the vases, simply put - Miki's Flowers takes care of everything.

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Photo Credit: JKH Photography

"Miki does a wonderful job of creating arrangements that are colorful, elegant and unusual. She is truly an artist! Miki and her staff are very professional. Her service is totally worth it!"
- Diane Hamilton,
Queen Anne Chiropractic Massage Therapy

"Each week I look forward to Miki's dynamic professionalism... She is an utter joy to work with!"
- Michelle Barrier,
Cobalt Healing Arts

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Photo Credit: Howard B. Weiner, Two Downtown, LTD.

"There is no other floral business like Miki's Flowers. She gives a service of creating, arranging and cleaning. For a business, this is so important that most other flower businesses do not think about. Her arrangements are uniquely different every week. She is a gem."

- Diane Kincaid,
Colour Hair Salon

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Photo Credit: Howard B. Weiner,
Two Downtown, LTD.

"We wouldn't have anyone other than Miki's Flowers do our office flowers. The personal touch to each arrangement is obvious. Her creativity adds on an entirely new element to an already beautiful detail."

- Leanne Strait,
Pure Audio Recording Studio

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Photo Credit: Maggie Soladay